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"A New Day for America!" - First Words As Vice President Kamala Harris

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Senator Kamala Harris is now our elected Vice President of The United States of America!!!! OK! Let me wrap my head around that and say it again. Senator Kamala Harris is NOW our elected Vice President of The United States of America!!! WOW!!

As I look at Vice President Kamala Harris I see and feel the little girl inside of me, inside many of us, crying tears of joy. Tears of pride and accomplishment. Tears of happiness. That little girl is now looking up at the adult me and saying "I never thought this could happen." "I never thought this would be." Vice President Kamala Harris isn't just the first female elected Vice President. She is the first person and woman of color elected Vice President of The United States of America. This is history in the making and Vice President Harris will forever be in the history books for other little girls of color to see and know they too can aim high.

Some may ask why I mention myself, and others, looking at today through the eyes of the little girl inside of us so I will explain. I speak to that little girl because she is where it all begins for all of us. She is the one that looked at the world with fresh eyes and ideas. She is the one that entered the world with dreams of who and what she could be. But sometimes she had to question those dreams because when she looked at herself acting out grown-up roles and playing the fashion model, the astronaut, the doctor, the lawyer, the princess, or the queen, she didn't see any images, or very few, of these roles that looked like herself. She had to ask herself can I be these things? She had to ask herself where are the females that look like me? She had to ask herself a lot of questions she didn't have answers for but maybe subliminally were answered for her.

But then that little girl learned about the history changers that did look like her and she began to listen to their voices about having dreams and being able to accomplish anything and everything she wants to do in this world. She can be the doctor with hands that heal. She can be an astronaut and ride up to the moon and back. She can be the lawyer and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. She too is beautiful and can be in the pages of fashion magazines. She too can be a fairy tale princess that finds love with her prince. She also learns along the way that Queens are not made but born and she is already, and forever will be, a Queen and only she can decide how her kingdom will look!

So here we are in 2020 still speaking of first. There are still a lot of firsts to accomplish and I believe we are getting there. Even though the path seems long and the walk slow, we are slowly still walking that path. That's what is important to remember. That we are still walking the path of first. On that path, we now have Vice President Kamala Harris who's victory links together two paths of first. The path of the first woman and the path of first person's of color. I think it's important to take a moment and breathe in what this means to not just little girls and women of color but for WOMEN PERIOD!!! So in celebration of this historic moment and accomplishment, we shall plant a seed for a tree to bloom in this spot. That tree will link together our two paths and the little girls that are now women will stand hand in hand watching our tree bloom. And as the tree blooms, those little girls behind us, the future women, can watch and see what blossoms, showing them what they too can achieve. So one day they will learn they too are Queens ruling their Kingdoms and they can aim high and accomplish all they strive for.

Vice President Kamala Harris! Congratulations!!!


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Carolyn Northington
Carolyn Northington
08 nov. 2020

Yes, indeed!!!

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