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September 9, 2020

TravelChic340 is my baby!  I've had this concept in my head for several years but really didn't know where or how to start.  An idea with no vision so to speak.  I had absolutely no clue how to make my idea a reality.  I didn't really see myself as a blogger or vlogger. Many of us love wasting a few hours reading blogs and scrolling the videos on YouTube getting a peek into other people's lives, homes, bathrooms, kitchens and all the other many places Tubers make their videos.  I am one of the many.  It's fascinating really, how social media has become a place for anyone to share their opinions, decisions, perspectives and their lives.  Sharing anything from how to's to what not to's videos.  A peek around someone's closet and sharing how they decorate.  I love all of it.  But did I really see myself using this platform for a peek inside my likes, dislikes or even my closet.  I wasn't sure until I took the plunge.  

Even though I enjoy reading blogs and watching videos on shopping, cooking, decorating and closet clean outs I never really saw myself on YouTube or writing a blog.  Well....that's not completely accurate.  It's more like I didn't have the guts to see myself on YouTube or posting my own blog.  I watched in admiration Youtubers and Bloggers brave enough to put themselves out there in such a public way but told myself "You are not that brave."

So why would I tell myself something like that?  Something that limits me and doesn't allow for me to grow.  Why would I find comfort in the thought that I am not brave?  Why would I accept that?  I see myself as a confident person with an intelligent mind.  I am smart!  I am strong?  So why am I not brave?  I needed to be tweaked!

Often in life we hit mental stumbling blocks that stop us in our tracks and prevent us from moving forward.  Some people can't move the blocks and stand in place.  Some people are dynamo's and they are constantly moving blocks left and right and keep going without thought.  Then there are people like myself that see the blocks but we need to think about each block and analyze where to move the block. Should it go to the left or to the right. Maybe I should throw the block in the air and see where it falls?  Asking "can I see the block in front of this block first before I decide to move the block?" People like me have a tendency to over think and sometimes under think everything.

Growing up my mom, my biggest cheerleader, always told me if I put my mind to something I can do it.  So when she asked me "Why aren't you on YouTube?" I was floored.  Floored because I never expressed my ideas or desire to be on YouTube to her.  So when I asked what made her ask me about YouTube she told me "I think you would be good at it."  WOW!!!  Now I really knew I needed to tweak my brain and get past this block.  I needed to stop telling myself you are not brave enough and start telling myself "You are FEARLESS!" and just like that POW! POW! POW!  I wiped those blocks away.

Mind tweaked and stumbling blocks pushed away, I was able to move forward and now I've so happily and proudly created TravelChic340.  My blog!  My baby!  She's still in her infancy but she's growing bit by bit and day by day.  As each week goes by I see the little changes.  With each day I see the little tweaks.  As the days go by I see the uptick of unique (first time clickers) visitors and it makes a momma proud.

So as TravelChic340 continues to grow and I continue to share and create content there will be some tweaks along the way.  Soon I will begin documenting and creating vlogs (the video series) for TravelChic340 which will cross several social platforms. Hopefully you've had a chance to visit a new site on the blog titled The Traveling Foodie.  Under The Traveling Foodie we have The Restaurant Collection which shares some of my favorite places to dine.  Soon to come The Market Collection which will explore food markets local and beyond.

So I thank everyone for taking the time to read TravelChic340!  I truly truly hope you enjoy reading her as much I love creating her.  Please remember to subscribe to receive updates on future posts.  We will continue this journey and if I stumble upon another block along the way??  Well, we'll tweak that block when we get to it!

Take care


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