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Man with Cowboy Hat


September 23, 2020

You never know when the love bug will bite. One moment you're going about your day going to work, running errands or meeting up with friends and then all of a sudden OUCH!!!! You've been bitten. Sometimes that bite leaves a little mark and fades away quickly. But sometimes that bite is so deep the effects of that bite lasts a long time or even a lifetime. We've all experienced that feeling of dizziness and lightheadedness with that initial bite. We feel all excited and giddy. Our nerves jittery, stomachs filled with butterflies and hands shaking. It's that mix of emotions that makes us feel excited, out of control and uncomfortable all at the same time.

So it happened one afternoon in Portobello Market London. It wasn't a pretty day to tell the truth but it also wasn't the worst day. It was kind of a regular fall grey day in London, nothing particularly special weather wise. But to be honest if you wait for a sunny day during the fall season to plan an outing in London it may never happen. Anyhow, a couple of friends and I planned to go to Portobello Market. I was very excited since I'd never been to Portobello Market before this day. Excited to seek what treasures we would discover as we explored this market famous for its mix of antiques, collectibles and new and second hand clothing and accessories. Little did I know this adventure would lead me to something unexpected.

As we walked around the many stalls I marveled at everything. I mean everything you can think of laid out on tables and hanging on racks. It was literally an eye full with all the stalls and tables full of just anything and everything you can imagine you need and much of what you don't need but wanna buy anyway because frankly, when and where else would you ever find such unique and distinct items. Plus the bragging points when someone asks "where did you get that?" and you respond "Oh, just something I picked up at Portobello Market." Well, and that's where it happened. There in Portobello Market my eyes caught sight, my heart skipped, my hands began to shake and in that moment I fell in love, at first sight, with my cowboy.

Without thinking I rushed up to my cowboy, grabbed a handful of leather and I said "Cowboy! You're going home with me tonight!." I'm usually not at a loss for words but I have none to accurately describe my state of mind in that moment. The way my cowboy felt, the smell of leather. The way my cowboy was built was everything a girl needed and desired. When you looked at my cowboy you immediately knew this cowboy is unique. Oh and my cowboy's hair?? It was so soft to the touch and had beautiful dimension of the colors brown, black and white. Did I mention my cowboys gorgeous tassel that was beautifully crafted? My cowboy is a true work of art and all mine. ALL MINE!!!!

It's been many years since the first meeting of my cowboy and I, but I still get a rush when I hold my cowboy in my arms and around my shoulders. I still love the colors of my cowboys hair, the feel and the smell of leather. Even though at times my cowboy can get a little heavy my cowboy never slouches. My cowboy has taken me on many travels and never fails to support all that I have. My cowboy is big, strong and sturdy. My cowboy is classic and has passed the test of time. Looking like the same cowboy I met in a stall in the middle of Portobello Market many years ago. I know my cowboy will be with me for many more years to come. If you see me and my cowboy out and about and can't resist a touch it's OK. I won't mind. But my cowboy is mine! All mine! It's a shame my cowboy works better during the fall and winter seasons. But even I think my cowboy is way to much during spring and summer and makes me hot just thinking about how hot my cowboy is in heat. So now that fall is upon us my cowboy and I are going to take to the streets and stroll into the sunsets fall and winter brings!

I Love My Cowboy


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