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Billy White


Often in my blog I will share something that is very special to me that isn't necessarily new. I'll share those pieces in my closet that have a story and memory attached. Those pieces that are truly special and I have lovingly worn and cared for over the years. Pieces that are unique and contribute to my personal sense of style. Well a few days ago, September 23, 2020 to be exact, I introduced to you and told you the story of how I met my Cowboy. Today I want to introduce to you the designer of my most precious and loved handbag, His name is Billy White. I mean the name alone is cool as fu**! Billy White is a British Designer here in London. He creates by hand some of the coolest handbags I've ever seen. I mean just take a look at my Cowboy and see how insanely creative and talented this guy is! Look at the braiding and the details.

So this one afternoon in Portobello Market with a couple of girlfriends, as I stated in my previous blog, we came upon a stall that had the coolest handbags I'd ever laid eyes on. These handbags were gorgeous and cool as all get out (the utmost if the phrase is unfamiliar). You immediately recognized they were well designed, well made and unique. These handbags were on a rock star level. I actually loved all of them. But I was particularly keen on two. One handbag was white, pink and blue with a fringe detail. It screamed rock star!! But my Cowboy is the one that won my heart. It took all of two seconds for me to decide I wanted this handbag and so I purchased it.

But it wasn't just the purchase of a handbag that was thrilling, It was also meeting Billy White. When you first see him he looks every bit the rock star. That sort of coolness only a rock star possesses and exudes. Quickly you realize not only is he cool but he's also a very nice and extremely talented guy. My friend and I actually met up with him a couple of times as my friend commissioned a handbag for herself. It's not often I get to meet the actual person that created something I lovingly purchased. To see the raw materials and accessories and then witness the creativity putting together those materials to produce a work of art was truly a moment that I will always remember. Especially when I pull out my Cowboy.

I love fashion and I love style. But I'm not a slave to fashion and I do not like cookie cutter styling. I love to have something that is special, handmade and is uniquely my own. Which is one of the reasons I love my Cowboy! So in telling the story of my favorite handbag I would be remiss not to mention the talented hands that created such a beautiful piece. My Cowboy is truly a work of art created with the hands of a truly talented designer and artisan. Thank you Billy White because I still smile every time I look at my Cowboy!

Take Care


Billy White

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