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July 4, 2020

Food has always been a love of mine. Some of my fondest memories as a child on the weekends was dining out. We would have dinner out on Saturday nights and breakfast at our favorite pancake house on Sunday mornings. I grew up in Chicago where there is no shortage of excellent food and restaurants. One of my favorite restaurants and special nights out was a high end seafood restaurant named Jonathan Livingston Seafood located in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. I always got excited because I knew I could wear a special dress and shoes for a special night out. The seafood restaurant had a seafood bar that I've never seen in another restaurant. The bar had caviar and many other seafood goodies. I couldn't have been more than 10 or 11 years old and I would make my way to the elegantly presented seafood bar and make a plate of scrumptious delights. The staff and some of the patrons would comment in amusement about their surprise about the foods I was willing to try.

My love of food, getting dressed up for a special night out to a favorite restaurant has carried over into my adult life. During my adult life I've collected many fond memories of dinners out with friends and family. Then somehow this evolved into learning to cook special meals for friends at home. Of course my mother taught me to cook but honestly I never really took to cooking until later in life. But once the cooking bug took a bite I've never looked back. Now my love of food involves finding ways to create home recipes that are just as special as going to my favorite restaurants. Finding ways to create fabulous dishes that are not only beautiful but delicious. The first way you take in a dish is with the eyes, so to plate a dish that makes everyone's eyes widen upon presentation is definitely satisfying. Combine that with the silence as they take their first bites...Complimenti!

I look forward to sharing this love in this blog!

Take care


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