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F/W 2020 Closet Lookbook

"Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like." - Amy Fine Collins

Take a look through my closet as I pull together looks for this fall and winter.  For the winter I love wearing blazers and sweaters for added warmth underneath my coat and keeps the look pulled together once the coat comes off. 

This is the time of year to pull out all the heavies.  By heavies I mean the heavier pieces of jewelry and handbags that are just too much during the summer months.  Not to mention all the holiday sparkles I look forward to wearing.

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Daytime Winter Look

This look pairs together high waisted wide leg trousers, black turtleneck with an embellished vest for added interest.  This is a pulled together day to evening look any day of the week.

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Nighttime Out Winter Look

Bringing out vintage pieces adds a bit of glamour to any evening look.  I paired this vintage embellished jacket along with a vintage beaded black top.  You can add a pair of black leggings but for me I like to bring the embellishment down a notch and pair with jeans and a simple black pair of boots.

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Three pairs of faux leather pants offer an array of different looks.  The first pair have a sleek look and cropped pants with a slightly flared hem.  A second pair is a more casual style jogger pant look with an elastic waist and silver detailing.  The third pair are culottes which I think looks great but for winter months best if paired with boots.

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Faux Leather Trousers Look One

Cropped faux leather trousers paired with blazer with rhinestone buttons, black turtleneck and ankle boots.  Perfect outfit with just a bit of bling for dinner out.

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Faux Leather Trousers Look Two

Jogger style faux leather trousers with silver stud detailing and elastic waist pairs well with a white t-shirt, black blazer and black rhinestone embellished shoes.  This look can easily go from a weekend lunch to dinner.  Top it all off with a blingy bucket hat.

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Faux Leather Trousers Look Three, Four and Five

Culottes go double duty creating two looks.  Wear any day with a white t-shirt and blazer adding some sparkle with a choice of embellished belt, handbag or hat.  Not all at the same time.  For those chilly days when those calves need to be covered wear along with a stand out pair of boots

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Stay tuned as styles will be added each week.  Subscribe down below to receive weekly updates.

F/W 2020 Closet Lookbook: Text
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