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February 14, 2021

Happy Valentines Day! It's the one day of the year when everything is about LOVE. I mean we do have other days that are dedicated to making our loved ones feel loved. But Valentines Day is the day dedicated to the act and feeling of love. It's all about flowers, teddy bears and champagne. A special dinner either at home or out on the town. Everything about today is supposed to be and feel special. So why should a pandemic make this day any different than any other Valentine's Day? Well for starters, some of us can't go out. Depending on where you live in the world being able to go anywhere other than your local grocer seems like a distant memory. So there will be no candlelight dinners in a cozy romantic restaurant. But what's even sadder is the fact the rituals we indulge ourselves in to prepare for that romantic evening cannot be....well ritualized. No manicures or pedicures at our local nail salons. No massages or facials by our favorite aestheticians. Nope! During pandemic lockdowns, I guess we're just going to have to do the unthinkable. Do the one thing no girl enjoys doing on a special day like today. DIY. Self-love! I know it's not the same. Nothing can replace the skillful hands of the professionals. But when times are rough, a girl has to do what a girl can do! That face isn't going to glow all on its own is it?

How I have missed the days of having a manicure and pedicure. Getting my eyebrows plucked, waxed and tinted. I've always been challenged in the nail painting department. Every time I've tried my toes and fingers looked like a two year got a hold of them with nail varnish. Scratch that. Two-year-olds probably have much more talent then I am giving them credit. Over the years I've become a little more skillful with keeping my eyebrows in shape. But that's just keeping them tamed until the next shaping and tinting appointment. I do not possess the skills required at the moment for a full-on reshaping and tint. It's all very upsetting. I know I've had almost a year now to practice. Honestly. why waste time learning new skills that I will never, hopefully, have to maintain once we are open again. I've been tempted to pull up a couple of YouTube videos on eyebrow tinting and shaping. But frankly, I don't want to do it. I want Inga to do it!!! Tears inserted here.

However, I do possess a special set of skills that come in handy from time to time. Every girl should know her limits, as well as knowing how to do a few things herself. I began developing these skills when I was a little girl playing around at my mom's makeup table. Learning when to use a clay mask as opposed to a hydrating one. Because it's important to know when you need to soak up the oil or when you need to add some moisture. Over the years I've learned and practiced giving myself many types of facials using a range of facial products. I've used everything from steam, clay's, gels, face sheets to eggs and potatoes. Even though I enjoy this ritual, and have become very skillful, it still never quite felt or compared to the professional facials I would receive at an actual spa. But today I decided to change this and I finally pulled out a tool in the arsenal I've been holding on too for just such an occasion.

Several months ago, before returning to London from Atlanta with my mom, we were under another lockdown. This was either lock down one or two. Can't believe I've lost count. While I was still wrapping my head around the fact that nails and eyebrows were going to have to take a backseat the thought came to mind I might have to resort to some DIY measures. Perish the thought! Even though I can admit a certain willingness to sacrifice the brows and nails, just a bit, I can't ever, nor will ever sacrifice the face. Efforts must be made to keep the face moisturized and wrinkle-free at any cost. Well, not at any cost. A girl does have a budget to keep. So, at some cost, I decided the at-home skincare routine needed a lockdown pandemic revamp. As they say, if the mountain can't come, you have to go to the mountain. This is when, like a gift from the heavens, I found information on a facial kit from

Glow by Lisa Simone.

Lisa and I go back many many years in Chicago. Right before the entire pandemic broke out I had an appointment for one of her fabulous facials I heard so much about. But unfortunately I had to cancel because of a trip change. I thought I would get a chance to reschedule but then, well we all know the story. The things we thought we were going to plan. Insert eye-roll. Anyway, back to the facial. I was busy ordering my cleansers, eye creams, lotions and potions because we didn't exactly know what would happen next. The world could have stopped for all we knew and then where would my skincare routine be? While doing an all-out search and seizure for skincare, I saw an at-home professional facial kit from Glow by Lisa Simone and immediately I placed an order. Like I said. If the mountain can't come to you. Once I received my Glow by Lisa Simone facial kit I packed it away to take back to London waiting for just the right day to treat myself. What better day than today for a little spa experience at home.

This was a genius idea! Creating facial kits linked to your particular skin needs. Bringing that spa feeling and results into your very home. Professional facial products, I feel have that extra kick your skin needs now and then. Personally, enjoying a facial once a month would be my ideal routine in my fantasy life. They use to be something I would treat myself to maybe once or twice a year. Then I got into the routine of going once every two to three months - a little more budget-friendly. In between facials, I would practice my at-home facial care regimes. But pandemics have a way of really putting the kicks to spa days, as we are all learning. Even with the most diligent home care routine I still feel my skin needed that extra spa day boost.

So I pulled out my Glow facial kit and decided today would be the day. Now, after giving myself a professional facial at home, I wish I'd used it sooner because I am loving how my skin feels and looks. So I'm very happy! Before I could see my skin was looking a little drab. Heck I know there's a better word to use than drab. Worse than drab is how I would describe my facial situation. But now my skins looks and feels dewy, clean and refreshed. My face feels like I've been to the actual spa. Minus the extra special attention and feeling you get from the facial massage and steaming. My skin even feels the air different. Yes, I said the air! Air free to fill my pores that were thick with dead skin cells. Obviously. At least that's what it feels like. I don't think anything can replace the skilled hands of the professionals but I have to say when lockdowns are tough this kit is the next best thing.

Very easy to use and comes with the little extras that make it special. Comes with all the essentials of a professional facial. Headband, spatula (so you do not put your fingers in the products), facial brush and sponge. Oh and of coarse the four-step facial products. She carries three different facial kits tailored for specific needs. Hydra-Glow which gives hydrating exfoliation. Brighten and Clear if you suffer from breakouts. Antioxidant Glow which nourishes and brightens. I ordered the Antioxidant Glow facial which includes a peptide cleanser, a cherry jubilee enzyme, a chocolate antioxidant mask. That's right ladies, and gentlemen, I did say chocolate! And the final step, a nourishing grape seed serum. I was shocked by how good everything smelled. I wanted to eat my face. Lisa also includes a product guide which gives an in-depth description of all the products and more. Plus step by step instructions on how to perform your at-home facial. I find it to be a very clever idea. Especially during times like this when either you can't get to the spa or not comfortable going. Not to mention it also helps to support a business which during these times is very important.

During this month of love, and specifically, this day devoted to love, remember to show yourself some love. Treat yourself to a spa day at home if you can't go to one. Even if you are on your own its a lovely way to remember and remind yourself it's always important to look good and feel good. Even if you are the only one looking. After my at-home professional facial, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I didn't realize the heaviness of my skin until after my facial. Matter of fact, I feel so good if London was open I would take myself out for dinner just so others could bask in my glow. The kit includes enough product I still have a couple more facials ahead of me. So until we are fully open the nails and the brows will have to wait. But the face can't. This at-home facial was just what my skin needed. Until I can get back into the spa this is perfect! Now, if only the brows and nails could be this easy. So go forth! Love yourself and GLOW!

Happy Valentines Day

Take Care


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