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9th Avenue, Chelsea
New York, NY

If pleasure was on a plate this is what it would be.  I'm not even sure if that makes sense but it's immediately what came to mind my first bite. Firstly, I was lured to Fonda by a post from a work colleague.  She posted a photo of this dish on her Facebook page and I was hooked.  Immediately I put Fonda on my list of go-to's for my next layover in New York.  Which is just what I did.  I made myself a reservation for a table for one outside.  If you haven't been to NYC I know your immediate thought is outside seating on the sidewalks of NYC???  Well no!  All the restaurants have what I would describe as little glass enclosures which are located on the street giving each restaurant much-needed outside space.  Which I'm sure in NYC is a challenge.  It's a brilliant idea and I'm not sure if they have always been there or the result of Covid.  

Fonda is the first restaurant in NYC that actually makes me sad I do not live in NYC.  I literally would probably eat here every week.  I ordered the dish that I came for which was the Camarones Mosquito.  Perfection on a plate.  Pleasure on a plate.  This dish is everything you want on a plate.  The prawns were succulent, the rice had a flavor I've never had in rice before and the sauce was so creamy yet light.  The presentation was gorgeous!  The dish is served on a plate with a beautiful blue Mexican design.  Generally, I think plates with a lot of color and design can take away from the presentation of a meal.  But this dish stood on its own and the plate added a beautiful backdrop.   I also ordered guacamole which was also delicious.  The only thing I would say is I wish they served a smaller portion for an individual serving.  But since I was there I went ahead and order the standard which is really for two or more people.  Needless to say, I had a delicious lunch the next day.  Can't wait to go back to Fonda and explore some of the other dishes on the menu.  Although, it will be very hard not to order the Camarones Mosquitos once more.  

With there being so many restaurants in NYC it can be a daunting task to find one that really makes you not even care about the others anymore.  This is a perfect place for dining alone.  But better yet a perfect place for 2 and more.  That way you can order and taste many items on the menu.  Oh....I almost forgot about the margaritas.  I'm not a mixed drink girl and I'm generally not too worked about margaritas.  But at the suggestion of my work colleague, I ordered The Classic and YES I will be ordering one AGAIN!!!  Hopefully soon

Take Care


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