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How A Good Night Out Can Change Everything

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Yesterday I had a really crappy day. Not that it was the worst day I've ever had or the worse day I could ever have, It was just one of those days when on top of everything else going on you just really could do without the frustration. So I woke up to find all the power wall sockets were not working. Initially, I thought it was no big deal and an easy fix. I go to the power station (fuse box) and simply flip the switch and all is good. Right? No! Wrong! About five minutes later...NOPE. It flipped off again!!! Well at least that five minutes gave me enough time to turn the kettle on and make a coffee. So this requires more inspection. I change out of my robe and put on the "time to get stuff done sweats." Me, I've got a wardrobe for every task! I go to each and every wall socket turning them on and off, flipping the switch doing my best with my limited amateur electrician sleuthing skills. About an hour later no success at trying to figure out what is causing the switch to flip off.

I don't think I have to express in detail how frustrating this experience was. To wake up and realize you have no socket power and probably had no power overnight. Meaning everything in the refrigerator has probably gone off. Then trying to make phone calls to fix the problem being stressful because the mobile has little to no charge and can literally, at any moment, power off. Everything we do is connected to power and electricity. Most of us even need electricity to power up our watches. The days of the old wind up watches are over. Heck, even my basic morning routine requires the power-up of my facial scrubber and toothbrush. Thankfully these items hold a charge because I think I've got enough to deal with at the moment.

Anyway, several hours later the problem was discovered and solved by a professional electrician sleuth and everything back to normal. Just in time for me to take a much-needed nap and then a hot shower to get ready for dinner at a local eatery that had been planned over a week ago. Couldn't come at a better time since I was unsure how safe the gorgeous lamb chops I had purchased a few days ago where to eat.

So a friend and I made plans several weeks ago to meet up at a local favorite haunt featuring live music. But unfortunately they were booked so the plan changed to meet at a restaurant named Eat Beirut in Fulham. I'd never been to Eat Beirut but it was located within walking distance and situated in an area with several pubs and restaurants I've been interested in trying but always forget about. So I was particularly keen on trying something new, local and was not disappointed.

I love finding new and exciting places for a night out. There is nothing more satisfying than trying out a new place for lunch or dinner and discovering you have found a new gem that you know for sure will become a regular place to meet friends for a lovely lunch or evening out. This evening at Eat Beirut I discovered my new local haunt. First upon entering I love when you enter a place and they greet you with a smile and opening of the door. I think that's the best thing any restaurant can do for their patrons. It's the smallest of gestures that make a huge impact. It says to a customer, or at least to me, hello and welcome to our home which I hope will become yours.

So once seated...Let's get to what we came here for. The food!!! First I have to say I love Lebanese food so at the start I was very keen. My friend had not tried Lebanese food before so this was all new for them and said for me to take the helm and do the ordering. Nothing is more intimidating for me than being in charge of the ordering. But honestly, with Lebanese food I can't see how anything ordered can go wrong. So for starters we ordered Hummus, Tabbouleh and Meat Sambousik. All so very fresh and delicious! I have to say I generally have mixed reviews about tabbouleh. Sometimes it can be a bit too bitter for my taste. But this tabbouleh was so light and fresh I really could have eaten two servings.

On to the main!!! To be honest, initially, I ordered a lamb main along with something else that I can't remember. But thankfully we enquired if they offered any fish dishes since we did not see fish on the menu. Once the gentleman showed us a photo of the main fish offering for that evening we were immediately sold and cancelled the other two mains in exchange for the grilled prawn platter. As it turns out cancelling the other two mains was a good idea. This shrimp platter was absolutely huge and beautifully presented with grilled halved lemons, peppers and grilled prawns. In the center of the platter of prawns was a bowl of a very delicious dip dressed with chopped tomatoes, pomegranates and chopped parsley. Everything was so delicious and I was stuffed full by the time I got halfway through the prawns. But with a little of a break I made my way through and finished my other half. The Lebanese wine was delicious, the food scrumptious and what makes or breaks every restaurant the staff very welcoming and friendly. I love a good place next to home where you feel comfortable having a small chat.

This was a day when I said to myself "what else can go wrong?" But as we all know even during what seems like a never-ending case of bad news and more bad news these times don't last forever. Eventually we get to that point when we can stand still and breathe deep. Yesterday was definitely one of those moments when I needed to just stop and breathe deep. So what started out as a somewhat frustrating and aggravating day ended with absolute pleasure. I say absolutely because it ended encompassing several of my passions. Good food, wine and a great chat with a friend. It's a reminder how food, friendship and a bit of wine (Lebanese by the way) really can soothe the ravaged soul. My day that started not on the best note ended with me finding pleasure in several ways. One! The discovery of Eat Beirut which is now on the list of favorite local eats. Two! A lovely catch up with a friend. And Three! Who could not be happy with a platter filled with prawns fit for a Queen! Looking forward to my next night out to Eat Beirut!

Take Care and Bon Appetit


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