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Let's Talk About That Face!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

So one of my obsessions, since I was a young girl and that first purchase of my very own skincare beauty essentials, is caring for my skin. If you haven't read my first skincare blog story go and read "Skincare: Habits of a Lifetime" and you will discover how it all started. Over the years I've tried many different skincare lines and products. I have purchased everything from high-end brands to the local drug stores more economical brands. I've indulged in at-home facials as well as regular spa facials at my favorite spa. There was a time when my bathroom counter looked like the typical product junkies. Bathroom counters and drawers overflowing with jars and bottles that offered no real promise. In the past I would make the mistake of buying a complete line and several weeks later not seeing any results and go ahead and invest in another line. But over the years I learned by trial and error what works best for me and keeping it down to one line at a time has saved on the face and the pocketbook.

I began using my favorite skincare line Somme Institute a little over seven years ago. It was suggested to me on the first appointment I had with a new facialist. Within the first few weeks I began to see a dramatic difference in the texture and tone of my skin. It was clear and glowing. The difference was so dramatic that once when I stopped using Somme for a less expensive line my mom took notice and stated she could tell I was no longer using the same skincare products. To my surprise, she had gone and ordered for me the entire line and since then I've never looked back.

So as a Somme Institute devotee I wanted to share with you my skincare routine and a little description of what each product helps to achieve.

Nourishing Cleanser

Treatment and cleansing combined

- Gently cleanses, treats and softens skin

- Won't over-dry or dehydrate the skin

- Leaves skin feeling balanced and refreshed

- Removes surface oils, debris and makeup

- AM / PM use

Transport Pads

Exfoliating without abrasion

- Promotes resiliency, hydration and cell renewal

- Stimulates an increase in cell renewal

- AM / PM

*Note: A slight tingling sensation is normal. For sensitive skin, squeeze excess liquid from the pad back into the jar for the first few days and build up to regular use.


Boosting collagen, lightening discoloration

- Helps to reduce the visible signs of aging

- Boosts collagen production and strengthens skin elasticity to achieve a more youthful glow and texture

- Lightens discoloration and repairs sun damage

- Evens skin tone and brightens

- Eliminates redness associated with rosacea/acne

- AM / PM

A-Bomb Moisturizer

Accelerating cell renewal

- Speeds cell renewal to reveal flawless skin

- Repairs sun damage

- Hydrates

- Quickly and easily absorbed

- Helps to reduce acne. blemishes and prevents their occurrence

- AM / PM

Double Defense SPF 30+

A serious broad-spectrum SPF

- Protect against UVA & UVB rays

- Hydrates

- Calms

- Heals

- Moisturizes

- Layer well with foundation and makeup

- AM and as needed

Eye Cream

Firming and brightening

- Dark circles are visibly faded

- Puffiness appears deflated

- Skin looks firmed and wrinkles appear reduced

- Leave the eye area illuminated

- Intense hydration and moisture

- AM / PM

Skin Rest Restructuring Cream

Improving facial skin from being lax and wrinkled to firm and smooth

- Firms. thickens and tightens

- Visibly fills and reduces wrinkles

- Restores essential hydration to combat aging skin

- Provides even skin tone and brighter skin

- Layers well with foundation and makeup

- AM / PM

Boost Warming Mask

A multi-tasking luxurious (& luscious!)

- Hydrates & nourishes

- Improves blood circulation

- Remove dead skin cells

- AM / PM

* Note: All descriptions are direct from the Somme Institute product information.

So there you have a complete listing of all the Somme Institute products I use daily (except the Boost which I use a few times a week). This product has really transformed and improved the texture of my skin. But more importantly, at least to me, is that over time the products deliver the same punch and results they did from day one.

A facial routine along with a good facial skincare line will help keep skin glowing and radiant. Not only is an investment in the products important but so is the investment in the time to follow a routine daily and nightly. As they say "anything worth doing is worth doing well!" Your skin will thank you!

Take care


Makeup free skin. Well just a little lippy and eyebrows

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