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The Name Is Bond! James Bond! Sir Sean Connery

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Many people are admired for their style. The way some people walk into a room which causes everyone to immediately take notice. It’s not just about their outward appearance or the clothes they wear. It’s something else that causes us to take notice. It’s in the way that they walk. The way they talk. Their movements and gestures. The way they order a drink. The way they hold the drink. The way their eyes capture ours, hold for a few, and then a wink. No one did it better than James Bond. Well to be exact...Sean Connery aka James Bond 007.

All I can say is SWOON! What a man! That strong square jaw face! Those broad shoulders! That forever tan. Oh! Let's not forget the accent. That Scottish brogue which we could actually understand all deep and masculine. Didn't matter what he said, I just wanted to hear him speak. But there was something more to Sean Connery and the way he played James Bond that goes beyond the physical. It's that certain je ne sais quoi that is really indescribable. That something we can't actually point our fingers to but we know it and feel it when it enters a room. Every bit of that was Sean Connery aka James Bond 007 for me.

My first James Bond movie was Diamonds Are Forever. I can't remember my exact age but I was a young girl who experienced love at first sight for the first time. It happened while sitting in a dark movie theater about to see my very first James Bond 007 movie. There he entered into the scene that devilishly handsome man, very fit, tall and tanned. Okay...let's skip past the part when he rips off the bikini top of a woman to use it to strangle her but HEY!!!! It's a spy movie so what do you want? And I'm not exactly writing a sociology paper on Bond and women, Although I admit there's a lot of material to write about. But this isn't about misogyny. This is about fantasy. Anyway...What was I saying? Oh yeah! Sean Connery aka James Bond 007. Can we talk about the hairy chest and arms? I mean do men even grow hair anymore on their chest and/or arms? Maybe it was a 70's thing but you know how much I love the 70's. All I know for me Sean Connery gave James Bond 007 elegance and style. A man about town that could fit into any situation. But he also gave Bond a diamond rough edge which frankly was very alluring for the ladies. Talk about fantasy!!!

But he wasn't just a woman's fantasy. The men fantasized about him as well. Well, maybe not in the same way. What man wouldn't want to walk into a room and hold command the way Sean Connery aka James Bond 007 could. Making all the ladies just a little uncomfortable stirring in their a good way. How many people adopted drinking martinis just so they could say "martini shaken not stirred?" I’m sure at one time or other bartenders everywhere were really tired of hearing that line. He possessed a certain savoir-faire that very few mere mortals are able to attain. He was the kind of man that could play a character women swooned over and men wanted to be.

I think one of the reasons Sean Connery is my favorite Bond is because he didn’t play the character of Bond pretending to be someone else. He brought to the character an element of himself. I think that’s the element we enjoy so much in every character he played. Even though Sean Connery is and forever will be my Bond his talents didn't stop with the one character. He played many characters and was a very talented actor. So I do not want to downplay his talents to one role. But I think many of us are very aware of his talents but will always remember him as Bond. James Bond. So to my childhood to womanhood crush. The man and the character I fell in love with on a movie screen one night as a little girl I say "No one did it better"

Oh and the line I've fantasized about saying if I was to play a Bond girl while decked out in my silky sexy alluring dressing gown (yes I have a very active imagination) "James, how the hell do we get those diamonds down again?"

James Bond: Weren't you a blonde when I came in?

Tiffany Case: Could be.

James Bond: I tend to notice little things like that - whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette.

Tiffany Case: Which do you prefer?

James Bond: Well, as long as the collar and cuffs match...

Pussy Galore: My name is Pussy Galore.

James Bond: I must be dreaming.

I mean COME ON!!!! Who else can get away with that?

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