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Traveling Desires

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Since I was a child I've been fortunate to have traveled all over the world. I believe the experiences and exposure that came from traveling created the foundation of who I am as a person. My mom has the traveling bug and we took advantage of every opportunity afforded to us by her working for an airline. Almost every month we took mini-vacations to islands, shopping trips to Boston and New York City for the day. Occasionally I would even get to skip school for a few days for long weekend trips to Europe. On my first two week trek across Europe, I believe I was 13 years old and we went from Paris and then drove to Nice. Then continued the journey to Brussels and then on to Rome. There was a European train ride squeezed in there somewhere but my brain is challenged trying to remember from where to where. From the beginning, I was in love with Europe.

Then my mom decided to expand the horizons and explore Asia. I remember walking thru the markets in Seoul, Korea as a young teenager and engaging with the people. It was very interesting because back then I do not think, or at least it seemed, they didn't have the chance to engage with many black people. So the experience was very welcoming and friendly. They seemed very intrigued and so was I. Traveling to Asia everything was different from my previous trips to Europe. The food, the smells and the culture.

Seeing different parts of the world with young eyes leaves an impression on you. An imprint that becomes a part of your being forever. That imprint fills you with dreams, desires and passions for exploring the world and all its cultures. Admittedly, many of these desires are still unfulfilled. There are many other parts of the world I want to explore and experience. Many places still left untouched and unseen. In many places, I have yet to hear the sounds, taste the food or smell the air. Maybe that's why traveling is an experience that enriches our lives. Because it fills our minds and engages all our senses.

The places we visit also speaks to us and produces a vibe. Guiding us on what to do and where to go. When we plan an island vacation most of us do so dreaming of soaking up the sun on a sandy beach. Maybe an afternoon boat cruise and eating lots of local island fish dishes. European holidays make us want to explore and amaze ourselves with all the old architecture that makes Europe stunning. Mountain holidays fill us with excitement to spend the day skiing or hiking. Or maybe both. Where ever you go or whatever you do planning and traveling excites the senses. We sometimes start planning the memories before the holiday has even begun.

Traveling is such an enriching experience. Those of us that get the chance to explore even the smallest parts of the world are extremely lucky. It's a freedom and privilege we've learned lately to appreciate. But soon, hopefully, that freedom to explore the world and travel to places new and old will consume us once again. Once again we will be able to indulge ourselves in escaping to another world and culture to experience things that are outside our daily lives. Doesn't have to be anything taxing or crazy. Just being able to walk the streets of a little European town is enough to get my heart racing and mind jumping.

My desire to travel developed at a very early age. If I didn't have to live somewhat of a structured life I think I could easily be a nomad wandering around the world and going from place to place. But honestly, that's one of those fantasies we have which we never intend to fulfill but it is just nice to dream up. There's no way I could live without several suitcases packed with shoes, clothes and accessories. So a dream life it shall remain. But I do look forward to visiting new places and smelling the air. Tasting the local cuisine. Hearing the sounds and thinking if it's a quiet place or loud. Feeling the vibes and letting them lead the way in one direction or another. But until then I will continue to make a list and dream up new ways to fulfill my desire for traveling.

List of 2 European Travel Desires

Smaller towns in France -

I've been to Paris many times. But I have only been outside of Paris once when I visited Limoges. This was my first time taking the time to explore the smaller parts of any European town. I've always headed to the big cities, which makes sense because I'm a city girl. The sounds were very different. Things were quiet with noise. By that, I mean what I describe as soft sounds. During dinner, you can hear conversations, but also the clinking of plates and silverware. No sound competing to be the loudest. Everything just clear and calming.

Each morning as I would walk to purchase local bread I would imagine myself living this sort of quiet life. I could very easily adapt to that sort of life. Plus, I have to mention the local cuisine. The food was fabulous! Unlike the food in Paris. I love Paris as much as most people and you can find very good french fare...just not in the tourist areas. Sorry but I find this to be my experience. But in Limoges, the food was fantastic. Even what seemed like a local truck stop served the most amazing lunch.

So on the list is more exploration to smaller towns throughout Europe.

The Island of Capri and Positano -

One day! One day!!!! This trip is high on the list. The only reason this trip is not number #1 on my list is I want to do everything Five Star. OK, maybe Four Stars but nothing below. This is the trip I would sacrifice a year worth of shoe and clothing purchases. I may even skip a few trips to the grocery store. Being on the coast a room with a view is a must. To visit this part of the world and not wake up with a view of the water would be unthinkable. Imagine having lunch or dinner with views of the water. Spend a couple of days visiting local attractions before taking the ferry over to Capri. Or maybe the other way around. Dream trip!

Take care


These are my top two European travel desires. Come back when I write about my desires on where to travel outside of Europe

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