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Cheers! To An Extra Special Christmas!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Today is Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone! Hopefully, on this day most, if not all, can enjoy the day with loved ones or a loved one. It's been a challenge this year to spend the holidays with family and friends. Even if you can't personally be together the important thing to remember is those within our hearts are forever with us. I know many of us are spending this Christmas on our own or with only one or two people. But remember just because you may be on your own, or with only a couple of people, don't let this day go by without making it extra special. When I discovered I wasn't going to be able to travel home this Christmas I decided that doesn't mean I can't make the day special and even more important....make myself a Christmas dinner to celebrate the occasion. After all, with the events of this year, we have to make this is an extra special Christmas.

Unfortunately, I had to change my plans for Christmas, as many others have had to do this year. So on the 23rd, I faced a completely empty refrigerator that had been cleaned out in preparation to travel home for the holidays. Well OK!! No choice but to get on with it and head out to the shops. So I made my list and I checked it twice to make myself a special dinner on this festive night. Making a special holiday dinner for one, or just a couple of people takes just a little bit of planning as to not overbuy or waste. Although any leftovers can always be frozen. But you may want to have some leftovers for boxing day. There's no better joy than nibbling on all those festive dishes the day after while you surf from the kitchen to the sofa while watching a marathon of movies and/or tv shows. Oh and don't forget the snacks! I'm not a big snacker but for some reason the holidays I feel are a great excuse for some chips and dips. YummY!

So with my list in hand I headed out to the shops. First stop? My local butcher of course! Unless you are a vegetarian the main star of any holiday meal is the meat. Normally I would love a leg of lamb or a slow-roasted rib of beef. Nothing screams holiday meal like the dramatic entrance of a huge piece of bone-in meat that's been frenched, tied and properly dressed with rosemary, garlic or any other herb and garnish you prefer. I really fancied having prime rib but for a meal for one that would be a shameful waste of a really good piece of meat as I would never be able to consume an entire prime rib. As for freezing?? That also seemed like a waste. So I settled for a few lamb chops and a few Cumberland sausages for a proper holiday breakfast. As a backup, I also purchased a deboned chicken because of course, a girl has the right to change her mind at the last minute.

Next on the list the ingredients for sausage and sage stuffing. Luckily my local butcher carried sausage meat already uncased and packaged. Now the trick with stuffing, I thought it would be a challenge to make just enough without making too much. To accomplish this I decided to purchase a freshly baked loaf of bread to slice, cube and dry out in the oven. This way I was able to control the portion size as opposed to buying an entire package of bread crumbs I will never use again. Another way to accomplish portion control with stuffing is you can also make stuffing balls as opposed to a pan of stuffing. Making the stuffing involved just a little bit of work so I prepared the stuffing Christmas Eve to be warmed later today.

So after my trips to the local shops, I've got everything I need to make a special Christmas dinner. The menu will be chicken (saving the lamb chops for boxing day), sausage and sage stuffing, gravy, salad, asparagus and what would a holiday meal be without creamy dreamy mashed potatoes! Every holiday meal should have a two carb minimum. Holidays are not the time to be concerned about carbs. They are the time to eat, drink, be merry and undo that belt just a bit. It will give you something to strive for when you need to make New Year's Eve resolutions.

So the holiday menu is done and dusted. But before the cooking sessions begin, or while everything is in the oven, do a little pampering to make the day even more special. Give yourself a facial, coif the hair, put on a little lippy and don't forget those brows! Today is special so instead of the normal everyday sweats, dress yourself up even if you are staying home. Wear some of your loungewear finery like a nice silky caftan or any other special loungewear kept for special occasions. Even if you are having a Christmas for one, or just some, doesn't mean one has to be frumpy. Besides, when Facetiming all your family and friends don't you want to look fabulous?!! Of course we do! So off you go to get ready and have a fabulous Christmas Day!



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Carolyn Northington
Carolyn Northington
Dec 25, 2020

Happy Holidays Tracy!

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