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Is Spring Sprungg-ing Yet?

It's finally here! The first of April 2021. This meaning spring is well on its way!! April 2021 is also the mark of spending a little over a year (by a few days) adjusting to new beginnings and the new "normal." Spring is referred to as the season of new beginnings. I'm already beginning to feel the feeling of new promise in the air. Our days are filled with sunshine a little longer. Old man winter is no longer breathing his chilly breath down our necks. The burdens placed upon us the past year are beginning to be lifted or have become our new normal's to the point they no longer feel like burdens anymore. While things aren't totally back to the way we would like them to be, we are beginning to feel the promises and changes each week and each day can bring. Myself? Well, the past month has been spent getting back to work full time and readjusting to the life almost forgotten over the past year. Which has caused me to take pause this first of April and the beginning of spring to ask myself "what will my new beginning look like?"

I've always loved the change of seasons. Each season brings with it a different way of life. Fall and winter seasons make us think of cozy evenings at home, heavier duvets, and an extra blanket. While spring and summer lift us out from under those heavy blankets and duvets to a quilt that feels much lighter and fresh. The change of seasons even affects how we cook and eat. Springtime makes us think of salads, fruits, and veggies. We swap out those comforting stews and casseroles for meals that feel a little lighter and a lot more forgiving on the waist. The changes in the air make us feel more energized and vibrant. Spring makes us want to clear out the mess from winter and start new and fresh. Hence, the term "Spring Cleaning."

Nowruz! The origin of spring cleaning started with Nowruz. The Persian New Year. Persian New Year begins on the solar equinox. The first day of spring. Technically, this day was marked on March 20th but we apply it to any time during the springtime when we clear out, dust off and start something new. I love a good spring cleaning clear out! Taking a day or two for a good spring cleaning helps me to clear the dust and reorganize both the shelves and mind. I love organizing. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a Virgo or not. But there has to be something to the whole horoscope thing. If you Google Virgo traits I am a textbook Virgo. The positive and the negative. Although I really try to work on the critical, picky, overthinking, and stubborn side. Anyway, as usual, I digress again. So back to springing ahead!!

So Spring 2021, after the year we've had, I think has a new meaning and feeling. It's not just about clearing out the clutter and dust from winter. This new spring for many of us will be about reconnecting. Last year this time we were learning how to disconnect from friends and loved ones. Learning to keep our distance from others, especially from the ones we love that are vulnerable. This time last year I was with my mother. This was very fortunate for us but for two weeks I had to keep a social distance from her since I had to travel to be with her. As I said, last year this time we were all learning something new. But my mom and I were lucky to have that time together because many people were not. Many still have not been able to see loved ones. Many have lost loved ones and were unable to say goodbye while holding their hands and placing a kiss on their cheek.

So as I prepare and practice my many spring rituals and writing out my spring to-do list I feel like I am approaching this change of season with new vigor. Spending way too many days at home and eating way too many meals I'm looking forward to long walks in the park. I'm looking forward to eating less gut-filling stews and replacing them with salads. I'm also looking forward to sharing many meals with friends at some of our favorite restaurants. I even have on my spring to-do list organizing a picnic basket to share with friends in the park. Also on the spring to-do list? Besides just the cleaning? Reorganizing the closet. Usually, before each season I take a look at my closet and see what new shiny items I can add. This season? Well since I never got around to wearing any of the new items from last season I guess I will just go through my closet and reintroduce myself to the items with tags still on them. But I may still find an excuse to purchase something new and shiny. I think we all deserve to treat ourselves to something new to celebrate Spring 2021.

So what will my spring 2021 new beginning look like? Other than wearing lots and lots of pretty dresses and shoes? I can't wait to wear actual clothes and shoes!! My new beginning is to undo all the bad habits developed from being in lock down too long. Which is changing the food I eat to healthier options. Stop giving in to emotional eating and snacking. Getting back to long walks in the parks around London. The cold weather made it all too easy to shorten my daily walks. The main thing??? Just getting back to a social life! Getting back to the things we took advantage of. Just getting back to LIFE and LIVING!! Visiting friends. Weekends sharing long lunches and dinners. Throw in a terrace to enjoy the sun or evening air. Maybe a holiday to a beach anywhere. Although I think I may be overstretching with thoughts of a mini holiday outside of England. The main thing for Spring 2021? Making the new normal not so normal anymore. But keep those masks still in hand.

So Happy Spring Time Everyone!!! Spring forward!

Take Care


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1 Comment

Carolyn Northington
Carolyn Northington
Apr 01, 2021

Yay!!, spring has sprung.

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