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Let's Talk About That Basic Bitch!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Basic! A simple word that has turned into somewhat of a slur in its current use. As in "Oh, she's so basic!" The intent is to insult one lacking originality and not living up to standards set forth by someone else that's probably IMO "doing the most." Which essentially means excessive - IMO. The phrases the kids come up with these days. I'm never one to approve the use of any slang or terms which are used, particularly by other women, to slag off women. But I have to admit the term "Basic Bitch" I have found to be very amusing in a few comedic sketches. If you haven't been privy too just do a search on YouTube and watch the various comedic sketches about being "A Basic Bitch." (How To Tell if You're a Basic Bitch) My favorite is with the not so basic Angela Bassett titled "Bad Bitch Support Group" (A Black Lady Sketch Show: Bad Bitch Support Group ) which cleverly defines the modern-day versions of the "Basic Bitch" the "Bad Bitch" and the less controversial and/or talked about "Okay Bitch" Are these terms new to you? Well, let me lay out the basics of what they mean in their current use in popular culture and then we will carry on to today's topic.

Bad Bitch - A Bad Bitch is the one that's doing the most IMO. This is the one that will never consider going a day without wearing three-inch heels or higher. Eyelashes and eyebrows on fleek every day all day. Hair perfectly coiffed and makeup social media ready styled. Now you have to be careful not to confuse the "Bad Bitch" with the "Bad Ass Bitch" (BAB). It's very easy to do so because they are very similar in some respects. They both exude a confident and strong outer layer. But the "Bad Bitch" borders on doing the most to possibly cover up some deep underlying insecurities. Whereas the "Bad Ass Bitch" is a strong independent and confident woman. Now the BAB is unique in the sense she could also be the Basic Bitch, Bad Bitch or the Okay Bitch. BAB - Sisters doing it for themselves as described by two "Bad Ass Bitches" Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox. While they both strive to attain and maintain the highest of standards the BAB will do so without the use of three-inch heels and a full face of makeup outlined by contouring. The Bad Bitch, well like I stated, she's always doing the most and wouldn't think twice about stepping out the door without being social media-ready. If you are in yoga class or at the gym and see a woman with a full face of makeup you're probably looking at your classic Bad Bitch. But again, she could very well be a BAB that just left the office with no time to wash her makeup off. It would take further investigation and inspection to tell the two apart but neither one would dare to entertain idle conversations with strangers so just consider the two interchangeable.

Basic Bitch - Your Basic Bitch may be the one you wanna stay away from - according to the sketches on YouTube. But more than likely she's the one most of us are and people wanna be. But maybe that's because they have somehow confused Basic Bitch with being a Bad Bitch or maybe even an Okay Bitch. If you've at one time or other worn sweatpants with the words "juicy" or "love" in bold print across your derriere, consider yourself Basic. The Basic Bitch is obsessed with anything and everything mainstream and lacks any sense of originality. You will find every outfit she's ever worn is a replica of someone else's outfit that they copied from someone else, which they copied from someone else and so on and so on and so on. That outfit can probably be traced back to either Kate Middleton, Jennifer Anniston or someone one else's social media post. But hey Basic Bitch's although BASIC they are the driving force behind fashion trends and lifestyle brands. Basic Bitch's are mainstream and they are the driving forces behind every trend from what coffee to order at Starbucks to what designer handbag to purchase to put that little designer puppy into. So no feeling sorry for the Basic Bitch. While Bad Bitch is turning her head with a smirk at Basic Bitch what she's failed to realize is her "original style" basically consists of components created and designed for the Basic Bitches consumption. So in a way Bad Bitch should say "thank you" to Basic Bitch.

Okay Bitch - Well Okay Bitch is a little less complicated. She's less controversial. Okay Bitch is basically OK with everything. She's in the middle of the road. She tetters down that road in either flats or heels and would never turn her head away from a wedge. Her fashion style and lifestyle tends to include items from the Basic Bitches list but she does it with a little bit more individuality. But she does draw the line with the logo on the derriere sweatpants. Those will forever and always be the Basic Bitches wardrobe identifier. Okay Bitch looks at Bad Bitch and just finds her exhausting. Okay Bitch, while being a little different from Basic Bitch, appreciates both Bitch's but is probably friends with Basic Bitch. But even though she doesn't aspire to look like a Kim K makeover every day she's also not trying to be basic either. Okay Bitch wakes up and does what she feels like doing every day. Maybe it's a full makeup day or maybe it's going to be a full sweatsuit day. Okay Bitch dictates what she will wear and beats to her own drums. Okay Bitch does whatever she feels like with no apologies. So yes it's OK to be an Okay Bitch!

The word basic according to the English language dictionary simply means a foundation, the essentials or the fundamentals. Basic as a slur was originally used in the African American culture to describe a woman that was less than sophisticated. For several years now "Basic" has become a mainstream identifier for women that lack original style and/or interest. Take the example of the logo on the derriere sweatpants. Those pants at one time were on everyone from young teens to adults. You couldn't walk down the street without reading arse's all day. Those sweatpants were everywhere and on several continents. I have to say I've never worn or been fond of the logo sweatpants trend so I'm not sure if that makes me an Okay Bitch or Bad Bitch?!! Hmmmmm Well I'll have to ponder that one for a moment. Being a Basic Bitch means you follow the mainstream so is it really a bad thing to be called a "Basic Bitch" Is it something we aspire to? Well according to YouTube nobody wants to be considered "basic."

So this thought that "Basic" is a bad thing or insult - where does that come from? Well like I stated above according to my research it was first used as a slur in the African American community to describe an unsophisticated woman. Once the term became more mainstream it has taken on several different meanings or references. Everything from airhead to the current use of not having any sense of originality. So let's define what is original. Original? Is anything original anymore? I use the term often to describe some people's fashion sense. I even consider some of my choices to be original and/or different to how others would wear an outfit. But once something original is put out the masses at some point doesn't it also become unoriginal and basic. Every trend and style which is a bit off the norm eventually teeters on the line of basic. Often you will hear people that explore styles which are a bit off the basic trends list as wanting to express their individuality and be different. But are they? Because for every off basic trend person that's claiming individuality I've seen there are twenty more of them in the same room. But you know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Imitation, as they say, is the highest form of flattery. Unless you are living in a vacuum we are all influenced and directed by the things in mainstream culture in one way or another. Even the Bad Bitch in all her smugness is wearing items she purchased because she probably saw it on a Basic Bitch. Although we know the Bad Bitch is going to style it up to the most. Dressing up an outfit within an inch of its styled outfit life. Sometimes the Bad Bitch's outfit is one accessory away from being Bad Bitch to Bye Bitch. Like I said...Doing the most.

So anyway in laughing at a few comedic skits all about the "Basic Bitch" and the "Bad Bitch" I pondered which bitch am I? Actually, I've come to the conclusion I'm neither. I love my comfort so I'm never going to be a Bad Bitch walking around in three or more inch heels every day. I used to be that bitch but said bye to her because her feet had enough and one-foot surgery later decided to be kinder to them. Decided it's better to wear heels some of the time rather than never again. I also could never get into wearing a full face of makeup where every facial feature is contoured. I love makeup and I use a little makeup everyday. But I love a natural look. The makeup no-makeup look so to speak. But I'm never going to be a Basic Bitch either. My taste won't allow for it. Not that I have anything against Basic Bitch, because I like her style, and I often draw inspiration from Basic Bitch. I just don't do pumpkin lattes, Uggs or logos across my buttie. But hey I'm pretty sure Basic Bitch has looked at me a few times and thought "Is that what she's wearing?"

So after much pondering, I accepted the fact that I'm just your average every day Okay Bitch. I love mainstream but I tweak it a bit that feels more like me. Even though I may never consider a pumpkin latte as a coffee drink, I do have a fondness for turmeric lattes. Although I do NOT consider it a "coffee" and I still have a real cup in the morning. If someone did call me an Okay Bitch or Basic Bitch I know in their mind they are trying to throw a bit of shade. But I also know the only person that would consider such a slur is probably someone "doing the most" and I'm not bothered by her!

What bitch are you?


Note: References to bitch are purely used for comedic output

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Carolyn Northington
Carolyn Northington
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I can see that you do "your thing.

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