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Let's Talk! Summer And Vacation Accessories!! Yes, We Still Have Time

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We all have items in our wardrobes which are relegated to certain seasons and occasions. For me, I have items in my closet and jewelry box I've relegated as summer/vacation wear. I have certain items in my closet I purchased for vacations and can't seem to transition them into everyday street wear. Take maxi dresses for example. I know everyone wears maxi dresses all summer long. But for me I always feel a bit out of sorts wearing a maxi dress while pounding the pavement. For some reason I have associated maxi dresses as vacation wear, beach wear and/or resort wear. I love a maxi dress on vacation, but in regular everyday life, when I wear a maxi dress to run errands I always feel like I'm either underdressed or overdressed. Maybe this comes from growing up wearing uniforms and clothes were purchased as either weekend clothes, clothing for holidays or vacation items. Maybe it's just one of those quirks that makes me, well me. Whatever the reason I definitely have summer/vacation items that I absolutely love to break out when packing for a vacation or planning a special summer evening out. Since I generally keep accessories at a minimum for everyday wear, when I pull out the accessories box it feels even more special and exciting. Sometimes I actually feel like I'm on a shopping trip since I tend to forget what I have and everything feels new again. So as the summer begins that's when I pull out all my summer accessories and take inventory. When planning a vacation my packing strategy goes a little like this - pull out all the blingy summer accessories I can find and take it from there. Summer is the perfect time to wear bold shiny gold statement pieces, bright pieces in pink, orange and bright blue, acrylic pieces and of course anything and everything that shines. Someone once described me as a magpie due to the gravitational pull shiny objects have over me. Once I've pulled everything out I examine all the pieces and start building the wardrobe. I know most people start with the clothing but for summer and packing for vacation, for me, it's all about the accessories! I find a lot of style inspiration from the fashion of the 70's. The fashion of the 70's seems to be an era that is often revisited by many designers. To me it's a very classic style which is constantly reinvented and reinterpreted. Over the years I've found pieces here and there that are reflective of the 70's era. I have managed to build up a nice collection of accessories that has stood the test of time. I think it's very important women have a wardrobe of pieces they can count on again and again without always relying on a new trend or having to last minute shop for an occasion. As we know last minute shopping for a particular occasion sometimes doesn't work and we end up not having exactly what we wanted. It's about finding pieces you can wear today, tomorrow and decades later. So what are some of my favorite summer/vacation accessories? As I stated, summer is the perfect time to wear gold. Not just any gold, but bold shiny gold statement pieces. A strapless white dress for dinner topped with a bold gold statement necklace brings out those golden colors in your skin from an afternoon, or several afternoons, of laying on the beach and soaking up the sun's rays.

If not a necklace, what about a classic gold statement bracelet. I particularly love gold coin charm bracelets. For some reason to me they scream summer and 1970's glamour. In the summer paired with a simple wrap dress makes me think of Italian fashion. Looks extra stunning with matching gold rings.

And let's not forget the bold gold statement earring! If you wear nothing else on a hot summer evening, no other accessories, you have to wear the bold gold statement earring. These are stunning! And they add glamour to even the simplest of looks. From a solid color strapless dress (a vacation staple) to a printed kaftan. You can't go wrong with a bold gold statement earring.

But a word of caution! One statement at a time please. As I've said before, very few of us can pull off what Iris Apfel seems to pull off without effort. So us mere mortals need to stick to the "less is more" rule.

But I know there are those of you not interested in coordinating accessories, let alone packing all these accessories for your holiday. For some holidays and vacations are about swimsuits, cover ups and that's it!! My packing suggestion for a no muss no fuss vacation style comes down to just four things to pack in your suitcase. Just two statement rings and two small handbags. You will be glad you did. Even if you go to dinner wearing a kaftan or cover up adding just one or two accessories pulls your look together and adds a little polish.

Magazine style handbags are a great go to for vacation style!

Small clutch just to slide your room key, lipstick and a credit card into.

Summer this year caught us still in our homes wearing sweats and t-shirts, consuming lots of wine while house partying with friends, and I'm not talking about the good kind of house parties. Haircuts no longer resembling haircuts, roots revealing what we actually wish to remain a secret and style...Well we dreamed of the day we would actually put on a pair of real shoes, a dress and show the world what was in all those boxes delivered to our homes from the massive amounts of online shopping that took place. We still have many more days of summer. We still have many days and nights left of summer to strut our stuff. There's still time to plan that getaway. So pull out all those summer accessories you didn't think you'd have a chance to wear and dust them off. Pack your accessories for that holiday. know what? Not going anywhere? Put on your favorite accessories, put on that dress and those heels (be it kitten or stiletto it must be a heel) and strut or prance your way down the street and enjoy the rest of summer and summer style!

Take Care


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Aug 09, 2020

You do have many beautiful and unique pieces. Very helpful advice on selecting accessories first and then the wardrobe. Groovy from a 70’s chick.

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