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Pardon the Interruption. Timing Out with Others

Well, I hope it hasn't gone unnoticed. My absence, that is. I thought I'd give you some time to miss me. I certainly know I've missed you. I've missed the thrill and satisfaction I feel with each new blog entry and sharing my thoughts with you. Although my absence wasn't planned or on purpose it did have and served a purpose. Actually, it served several purposes that I'm going to share with you in this blog. I think the past year has made many of us look at ourselves over and over. We learned things we never knew because we'd never been forced to know. We had to learn and relearn some things and reintroduce ourselves to ourselves. Whatever it was we learned, relearned, or maybe even unlearned I think we all are gaining a new appreciation for many of the blessings we have in our lives.

At the beginning of April, I had to rush home to my mom's to help her because she wasn't feeling very well. This turned out to be a blessing in a weird way because it gave me a legal reason to travel from the UK to the US. If you are not aware, the UK had a travel ban on international travel. Even travel within the UK had restrictions. We were restricted to remain in communities with a very limited social bubble outside our households. Well, only one other person to be exact. The restrictions also made it very complicated to travel abroad for leisure, not to mention illegal. So since I like to do my part in obeying the rules and restrictions which are created to keep us safe, lumped with a severe fear of getting fined some absurd amount of money I can't afford, I had not been home to see any family since last September. So with a doctor's note and negative Covid test in hand, off to Atlanta I went to spend time to care for my mom. Initially, I planned on being with her for only two weeks. But you know what they say about a plan?

It was so lovely to see her and spend time with her. It was like chicken soup for the soul for us both. I even got to see my brother which was a surprise. I've never been away from anyone in my family this long. Being quarantined isn't that bad for a borderline loner such as myself. But it has made me miss spending time with family and friends. I enjoy time to myself but it has its limits. Limits which I'd never really experienced before. There are only so many thoughts in your head one can continue to share with oneself before you get sick of yourself. Okay, maybe not YOU. But I admit being made to be alone sucks the bullocks. Forgive my language, please. It literally just came into my head. So from head to print...and I said what I said! HA HA! I know one of my best girlfriends is going to say I'm not supposed to tell you what is funny but if I don't sometimes tell you my humor may slip past you. LOL

Spending time with my mom was also a little unplanned escape from the boredom of lockdown. Going to be with my mom allowed me the pleasure to sit in a restaurant once again. Ohhhhhh how much I missed going into an establishment to eat food. Since we had been in totally lockdown here in London if you didn't cook you had to order takeaway. I love a good takeaway or delivery but it loses its allure after a while. Plus, nothing beats sitting at a table with family and/or friends, or a friend, and hearing the clanking of dishes, the clicking of glasses, and chatter along with all the other background noises you hear in a restaurant. A night out is also chicken soup for the soul just as much as that hug from your mom. It's our social nature, isn't it? Our social nature and this thing we humans have about sharing ourselves and our love of food. What is it about food and socializing that go hand in hand? I think I will have to ponder this question and get back to you.

Since we are talking about food, it was also a pleasure to cook for my mom. I love to cook but I'm often cooking for just one. And no matter how many pictures I share on Facebook or Instagram nothing beats sitting across the table from someone and watching them enjoy a plate of food you cooked. It's even better when that plate doesn't even have a speck of food left on it. It's the making of a great dinner party, isn't it? It's what the dinner party is all about. Oh, I wonder what they will cook? Or - I wonder what I will cook. It's the reason we have dinner parties. To show off to our family and friends our culinary skills in hopes they ohhhh! and ahhhhh! over each and every bite. Cooking for others is therapeutically rewarding. Especially when it's a big pot of chicken soup.

So April turned out to be a very busy month. Driving my mom to appointments, going grocery shopping, cooking cleaning, and staying up to very late hours in the night watching late night tv to keep her company. A very busy month for sure. By the end of the month, I was exhausted for sure But I wouldn't change anything about having the time to spend with her. So many people are still separated from family members and you can trust I know how lucky we were to have each other in a time of need. She needed me to help her feel better. I needed her to remember how much I missed her and all the special things we like to share.

Now that I'm back in London the plate is still full with a work schedule and adding to the social schedule. London is opening and I enjoyed my first London night out in many months dining al fresco. Inside dining is still not allowed until next week. But I love dining al fresco. It's all the elements. Dining, air, candles, and the night sky. does every meal out at the end of the evening end? HUGS ALL AROUND! Always good for the soul. But shhhhhh....don't tell anyone. I'm still unclear if it's allowed yet.

Take Care


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