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Set To Travel? Well....Maybe Not Just Yet. So Plan That Bucket List

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I'm sure many like myself are dreaming of the next vacation or weekend getaway. Since travel plans are in the air at the moment what's the next best thing? Bucket List!!!! Now is the perfect time to think and dream about the places we've thought about going to visit but just never took the time to plan. We may not be able to travel freely within the next year but that gives us more time to plan something very special and exciting a year and a half from now or two years. And just think, all the money saved not going on weekend getaways and the yearly vacation can all be directed towards a very special holiday in the future.

So we all know what a bucket list is and even if we haven't put an idea on paper many of us have planned exotic and maybe not so exotic dream holidays in the back of our minds. Dreaming of that holiday that takes holidays to another level. Something we may never get another chance to experience. For me, I love beach holidays or getaways to visit friends. My bucket list incorporates the things I love on a regular holiday but they are places I've never been, doing a few activities I've never done, exploring foods I've never tried and maybe staying in lodging a bit different than a big hotel.

Drawing up a bucket list gives us that feeling of excitement and something to plan and look forward to bringing to realization. During this time having something to plan and look forward to creates a feeling of excitement, acts as a stress reliever and gives us those moments to forget about all that is happening which allows us to relax. Also planning ahead offers the opportunity to benefit from the many travel deals currently available.

For years now I've thought about what are my bucket list destinations? I've traveled most of my life and I've been lucky enough to have traveled to most of the places I've wanted to go. But I have three places I've never been and each time I've thought about my bucket list these three places always come to the forefront. So what's on my bucket list? Positano, Italy, an overwater luxury bungalow anywhere it's warm and the water is blue and anywhere in Greece. Now the only destination on this list that I'm surprised I've never visited Greece. I have family in Greece so I'm always surprised Greece is still on my list of places I've never visited. But I think it's time and they will be first on the list!

We may not know what we can plan in the immediate future but we know and hope this too shall pass and now is a great time to look forward to what exciting adventures lay before us in the future. So keep daydreaming about that long relaxing holiday where we can continue to eat, drink, talk and live!

Take care


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