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Vices for Devices!

Okay, I agree loving facial devices is not an immoral or wicked act. The use of the word vice may be slightly extreme and overly exaggerated. But it does rhyme so I went with it. I would more so describe my slight obsession with facial devices just that. A slight obsession. By slight I mean these are purchases I tend to be a bit more practical about and contemplate their use and importance before purchasing. It's not like they are shoes, but that's for another story.

Long gone are the days of manual manipulation and holding your face over a pot of scalding hot water. Which, by the way always came with a bit of a hazard factor. Modern times call for modern-day solutions. These modern solutions come by way of technological devices. Whatever skin concerns, or issues, you have there is a skincare facial device to address the problem. It's like having the power of a spa in your very own bathroom. Even though I love the indulgence of a good spa day, I love even more being able to pamper my skin at home with some special attention using the power of technology. So before the month of love comes to a close, I didn't want the month to end before sharing with you my favorite devices that I LOVE.

I like to follow a consistent skin-care routine. Over the years I've used various brands with varying success. I've found that as each decade passes so does the current skincare line. My personal belief is as we age our skincare products need reconsideration and revamping. We need to reevaluate the current skincare line and decide if it will address new skin issues which develop with aging and as each decade passes. Twenty and thirty-something skin may have only needed a three-step process to maintain that glow. A cleanser to cleanse. Toner to tone. Cream to moisturize. That's all it took. Over time, as I moved into my forties and fifties the simple three-step program has aged its way into six steps. Well five steps at night sans the SPF. The steps still include the foundation steps from the youthful years. But over time the toner to tone changed into glycolic acid pads to tone and exfoliate. The creams to moisturize became a little richer to maintain that glow. Then with the addition of a serum, SPF, and eye cream VIOLA!! the increasing numbers of steps needed for age defying skin. It all sounds very rigorous and time-consuming. Doesn't it? But takes just a few minutes and it's worth it. Check out "Let's Talk About That Face" for details on products and steps.

But even the most diligent skincare regime with the best skin care products our monies can buy can use a boost regularly. So then we add even more steps with not just serums, creams, and potions. We now utilize the power of technology and skincare advancements to boost that glow. Luckily this advancement in technology has moved its way out of the spa and into our very own bathrooms. So let me share what devices are filling my bathroom shelves.

The Cleansing Brush -

Gone are the days of using finger pads as scrub brushes. We have electrically rotating bristles to clean deep inside our pores while providing stimulation. Done in 60 seconds focusing on four facial zones. Forehead - 20 seconds. Midface - nose and chin another 20 seconds. Then finally cheek areas 10 seconds each. I've been using a cleansing device for around eight years and I swear it not only makes my skin feel cleaner it has also changed its tone and texture. My skin also tends to be on the oily side. Since using this device my oiliness has diminished and I find I no longer end up with the mid-day shine. I have the travel size as well. Within the last eight years, I've updated this device twice. There is a newer device that I'm itching to try. But as long as this continues to work I can't justify buying a new one.

For travelers, I suggest also purchasing the travel size. Same bang just a smaller size

The Steamer -

Every facial begins with a good steaming. Well, technically it's the second step. You never want to steam before giving your face a good cleanse. For me, it is my favorite part. I can feel the steam cleaning out my pores and supplying my skin with needed and desired moisture. For me, I think if you do nothing else, or purchase no other facial device, this is a necessity. A must-have. Steaming, after cleansing, preps the skin and powers up the benefits of your facial products. I'm not a professional. I can only speak from personal experience. An at-home facial with no steam doesn't quite feel the same. Bonus? This device shuts itself off. Why is that a good thing? Over steaming your face can actually cause dryness. Takes the guesswork out. Just lean back and relax.

The Toner -

Just like our bodies, our faces have muscles. I've read our faces contain 43 facial muscles which all work together to make our expressions but also affect aging. As we age we lose fat from our faces. The face becomes thinner and gaunt. This is not what we want as it causes us to look older. So to keep aging at bay a simple facial massage can help. Helps to build those facial muscles to keep our faces plump. My facial toning device uses microcurrent technology to help with toning, improving facial contour, and the appearance of fine lines. Now I admit I am not as diligent with this little device as I should be. But the beauty is the results are instant. So if I feel I need an instant boost this is my go-to device. Prolonged use does promote longer-lasting effects. But one day maybe I will be disciplined enough to use every night. Instead of using this device every night, I have other massaging devices I tend to alternate and use.

The Pore Cleanser -

I stumbled upon this device and was intrigued. Occasionally I will scan the skincare devices site of my favorite department store to see what's new and if anything piques my interest. This seemed promising and since I didn't have an extractor amongst my tools figured it was worth a try. The results actually surprised me. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I was pleasantly amazed at all the guck it cleared out of my pores. It promises to clear pores from oil, debris, and blackheads and I feel it delivers on that promise. There are two sides to this extractor. The one side uses ultrasonic technology, and water, to unclog pores. The other side uses that same technology to infuse into your skin your serums and moisturizers. So you get two bangs in one! It's a little nifty tool.

So that's it! Not a treasure trove of devices. Just the essentials to help with the aging process. As I stated, I tend to error on the conservative side with purchasing skincare devices. I can see myself going down the rabbit hole very quickly if I indulged myself in trying every single device I come across. Frankly, I think less is more. I want to take care of my skin. Treat it kindly and gently. Plus, some tools I think are better left to the professionals for my skill set. One wrong move, or overuse, and your skin can end up with some irreparable damage. Which is my greatest fear as far as my skin is concerned. Once I badly suffered sun damage on my face while on vacation in Barbados. I wanted that Barbados glow and stupidly wore no SPF. The things we sometimes do on vacation. But I digress. I'll save that story for another day.

So that's it for now. Although I do have a few more devices on my most wanted list that I will be happy to share if I ever decide to purchase them and try them out. You will be the first to know. But before we leave each other I have a couple of go-to skincare tools that do not require a power cord.

No If's, Plugs, Or Cords -

A beauty tool doesn't always require the use of a power cord. I have a couple of tools I use when I want to give myself a little extra attention, but not necessarily the full spa day experience.

Face Roller

I use this for a quick facial massage. Helps with puffiness, reduced wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity. It's the perfect tool for a quick refreshing pick me up. When done I always wipe clean and store it back in the box. If you haven't tried facial massaging you will be surprised by the instant benefits. Before these tools, I gave myself facial massages with my knuckles. Using my knuckles (slightly oiled so no friction) I press and go around my face in circular motions. Afterward, I literally would feel the muscles in my face tightening. I still do this to help relieve any facial tension when my tools aren't readily available.

Ice Globes -

I LOVE these!!! The best balls ever! As with the quartz roller, I keep these globes stored in the box. I like to keep things in their original boxes. For me, it is an excellent way to keep them in good condition. Also very handy for packing while traveling. I find it puzzling why many devices do not come with a travel case. But the original box works just as well. Back to the globes.....I keep them in the box. When I'm ready to use I place them in a velvet bag and then into the freezer. Leave overnight or a few hours to get cold. These are great but they do require a bit of a heads up. But the benefits are worth the wait. The cold helps to boost circulation, reduces puffiness and inflammation. The cooling effect and massaging help to plump and tighten the skin. These are perfect if you suffer from sinus issues or with a headache. One of my FAVS!

Eye Patches

I love the idea of patches. I've used eye patches and lip patches to plump, firm, and moisturize. This brand of eye patches I haven't used yet but when I do you will be the second to know.

So that's it for all my devices. As I mentioned I still have a few items left on the "I really need to try that" list. But until then I'm glad I had a chance to share the tools I use and love. My theory is growing older is always better than the alternative. As I grow older I'm not going to fight it, but I'm also not just going to surrender. So I will keep using whatever tools I can find that help with growing older gracefully and keeping that skin tight and glowing.

Until next time. Keep giving good face!

Take Care


If you want to read how my love of skincare journey began read "Skincare: Habits of a Lifetime"

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