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Welcome To My First Blog!!!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Well, I'm finally here! Putting pen to paper (so to speak) an idea that's been rambling around in my mind for the past two years. Today I'm so very proud to introduce myself, my world and my blog. I will concentrate on bringing to you all the things I love in life. Traveling, food, self-care and some fashion. Well mainly shoes as I am a serious shoe girl! Also bringing my perspectives and experiences to light. I've been fortunate that I've lived a life full of travels. I've been traveling since childhood and it has shaped the person I am now.

My love of food extends to going to restaurants, home cooking and exploring different foods and recipes. I particularly love researching chef techniques and skills and applying what I've learned to my personal dishes to bring home cooking to another level. So I look forward to sharing my favorite recipes, my favorite places to shop for food and dining out. I believe in the saying food soothes and heals the mind, body and soul. That's expressed in my cooking with the use of whole foods, fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. The mix of fresh herbs and oils is one of my favorite ways to bring life to a dish.

Besides food, travel and my love of shoes, I will share with you a concept which we will visit in future blogs. The title of my concept is "Only On Paper." My idea for this concept came to me over a year ago and is the driving force behind my desire to begin blogging. It's basically about living your life outside of the age on your birth certificate. Meaning, do you feel and do you live a life which is considered younger or older than your biological age? Do you want to live a life that is structured differently than how society dictates based on your age on paper? Do you feel life isn't about how many birthdays you have but more about how you feel and what you do? We live in a time when 50 is the new 30 and 70 is the new 50 and that's due to self-care, the foods we eat and how we feel. We will also explore how self-care and the foods we eat contribute to us feeling and looking younger. "Only On Paper" will tie in all the topics in my blog to living life and improving your life with choosing the right foods, styles and traveling.

I look forward to bringing these topics to you and many great conversations!

Take Care

Tracy @ TravelChic340

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