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What Is Style Anyway? My Personal Style Journey

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The word "style" is generally used to describe the appearance of a person we find visually appealing. I can't recall ever hearing the word "style" used to describe someone's appearance we find abhorrent. Unless it's to state they have no style. So I can assume we are all on the same page when we hear the word style. The word style generally has one meaning but thousands of interpretations. Actually if you consider the numerous interpretations of style the topic actually becomes so in depth and bulky it's no longer a light-hearted and fun conversation. I love talking about style so for our purposes we are going to keep it simple. Just like my dresses!

So for my first blog on the subject of style I think it's fitting to describe to you my interpretation of style. My personal style changes day to night, season to season. Simple during the day but adding a little bling at night. Jeans and sweaters in the winter but spending those long hot days of summer in chic and flowing dresses. But no matter the time of day or the season my style interpretation is uncomplicated comfortable chic. Yes, I just made that up! Simplicity is best and comfort is essential. The days of teetering around all day in 3 1/2+ inch shoes that pinch my toes and hurt my feet have long been gone. No longer do I need a team of three people to help zip up my jeans or squeeze me into some corseted contraption disguised as a dress.

My style journey in life has evolved as I have evolved and changed. There was a time when I didn't even own a pair of jeans. Sweats were something you would only see me in on my way to the gym. I only wore dresses, skirts with a blouse and occasionally a pants suit with a blouse. I remember making a conscious decision to always dress as if I was going somewhere even if going nowhere. This way of thinking and dressing I think was the byproduct of going to private schools where I had to wear an uniform everyday and personal style was suppressed. Since I had no personal style every month I would buy three or four fashion magazines and tear out pages of fashions I liked and fantasized about wearing. Once I was able to make my own decisions on how to dress and what to wear all my fashion magazine knowledge began paying off.

After leaving private schools and no more uniforms I began enjoying waking up everyday planning an outfit of a simple dress with a chic shoe, smart handbag and just one or two accessories. I own a lot of jewelry but I've never been a fan of piling it on. The Iris Apfel's of the world are few and I know I am not one of them. Iris Apfel is uniquely FABULOUS! For me a simple pair of diamond studs and a ring (sometimes a statement piece) are good enough. Although I do LOVE a statement necklace or bracelet keeping the background simple and muted. But I do have a fashion obsession that I let speak in an outfit and that obsession is shoes. I LOVE SHOES!!! My clothing style is simple. A classic blazer with a pair of jeans, blouse or t-shirt, stud earrings with a standout unexpected pair of shoes is my personal style. When I started wearing jeans I loved the contrast of wearing a good pair of Levi's with a ball gown shoe. It's my personal belief I started the trend of wearing a blinged out pair of shoes with a pair of jeans and a top. I remember people asking "aren't those shoes to dressy for jeans?" My style belief is let my shoes do the talking. Or screaming.

So nowadays my jean collection, even though still small compared to many, has grown and you will see me running errands in jeans and a t-shirt and even sweats. Although I hate the sweatpants and yoga dressing culture we've embraced as everyday all-day wear. And don't get me started on flip flops. But since we are talking style...flip flops are not shoes!!! There I said it! Whew...I feel much better. Now back to the topic...I confess I am guilty of the fashion crime of wearing sweats all day. But for the most part I still like to make an effort to look smart, chic while also comfortable. Even when I plan to stay in the house I still spray on perfume, address the brows, dab on a little concealer, lip balm and a sheer lipstick. This way I always have a face ready to run on a last minute errand and it just makes me feel good. At the end of the day isn't that what style is all about? The way we live and how we dress to make ourselves feel and look good.

Even though my daily style has relaxed a bit over the years I do love the process of waking up, showering, spraying on a fragrance, taking care of the skin, face and body and planning an outfit. The other day the only errand I needed to run was to the market but I wore a nice dress. A man told me how beautiful I looked which always makes a girl feel good. I think when you feel stylish you radiate a glow and people take notice. But more importantly you notice and it keeps you feeling radiant and youthful. So to conclude, my style is simple and classic, occasionally adding a statement piece, either necklace, ring or bracelet, and pulling it together with a killer pair of socks! Or shoes for my American friends. I do love bling so I love pulling out a blingy blazer or skirt for a night out....and let's not forget the shoes!! Yes shoes can never have too much bling!

Take Care


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