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Why did I decide to create a blog?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The last three months I’ve been in Georgie staying with my mom. With the shelter in place guidelines myself, like so many others, needed to find an outlet to keep busy in the house. I needed to do something creative and fun that would keep me busy and keep spirits high. So I turned to one of the ways I love to be creative and that’s cooking. Food, cooking, learning and experimenting with different techniques is something I would say in the past 10+ years I developed a real passion exploring. I shared this passion by starting an Instagram page but I wanted to take it further. So I did what any stuck in the house person would do ...I started my YouTube channel. I admit it was very scary to put myself out there for the world to see (well I think 18...but who's counting) but it’s been on my vision board for a long time and there’s no better time to start than NOW! And as I stated in my last video - satisfaction...that's the real success!

Admittedly my video making skills are still on the elementary level but I’m learning so much and enjoying every second. Now I’m moving into the next item on my vision board which is blogging. Why did I decide to create a blog? I’ve been posting on Instagram for several years now. Many of the pictures and postings have stories and I always wanted a vehicle to tell those stories. Facebook wasn’t really the place and I find I like to keep it to just family, friends and coworkers. So I began following a few bloggers, did a little research and decided a blog is the right direction and vehicle to tell my stories and share with whoever wants to read and/or watch. For me, blogging is a way to broaden my horizons, share my thoughts, my love of cooking, style and life, my experiences, my stories and along the way the lessons I've learned.

As the journey continues and the checks on the vision board are marked it will be shared here on my blog. I plan to bring content I hope you will find interesting, thought-provoking, refreshing, helpful and maybe spark some new interest and/or ways of thinking about the topics we will cover. So let's talk, cook, eat and live!

Thank you and take care

Tracy @ TravelChic340

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